High Tensile, Low Relaxation 1860MPA.

Low relaxation prestressing stand Standards: ASTM A416, BS5896-1980,GB/T5224-2003,JIS G3536,JG161

Diameter Coil weight Raw Material
4.85mm - 30.7mm
high carbon steel wire rod SWRH82B

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Construction: 1*2, 1*3, 1*7, 1*19

Standard: ASTM A416, ABNT NBR 7483:2008, BS5896-1980, EN10138-3, GB/T5224-2003, IS6006, JISG3536

Grade: 250K / 270K / 290K, Tensile Strength: 1770Mpa / 1860Mpa / 1960Mpa, the 1000h Relaxation is 2.0% max and the elongation is 4.0% min.

Categories: plain, spiral ribs, indented, galvanized, PE coated, epoxy resin coated.

Diameter: 4.5mm, 4.9mm,6.5mm,7.94mm, 8.6mm,9.3mm, 9.53mm, 11.1mm, 12.5mm, 12.7mm, 12.9mm, 15.2mm, 15.7mm, 17.8mm, 18.9mm,20.3mm, 21.6mm, 21.8mm,28.6mm, 31mm

Package: Standard export packing and each package roll is 2000-4000kgs.

The third party inspection: BV SGS China national construction steel quality supervision and test centre. PC strands are used for precast concrete railway sleeper, subway track board; post-tensioned concrete beams, girders, slabs of bridges, concrete floor, underground park, of industrial buildings, commercial buildings; water projects, rock-coil anchoring, slope protection, coal mine; long span stadiums, station.

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PE Coated PC strand is suitable for cast in place concrete of long-span and wide buildings,large load prefabricated beam and other construction.PE coated pc strand has the charcters of not need room for future expansion and grout-in,convenient use,material saved,bended easy.

Galvanized steel strand have 1*3 1*7 1*19 type and the diameter also different. depend on you need ,our engineer can design for you and give you some good advices. the application is professional use in ACSR cable,powered cable,stay wire,guy wire,electric power,wire drawing,coton fiber,wall net,highway protective fence.

The filled epoxy coating steel strand has better corrosion resistance than smooth steel wire. The use of smooth steel strand place can use epoxy coating steel strand. At present, the epoxy steel wire is mainly used for anti-corrosion and high performance requirements of cable-stayed bridge, anchor, anchor cable.

The delayed bonding prestress refers to that in the construction stage, the prestressed steel strand has free expansion and deformation, and the part is bonded with the surrounding retarding adhesive, and in the predetermined period after the completion of the construction, the prestressed reinforcement will bond with the surrounding concrete through the solidified retarding adhesive.